Fuck Yeah Casie Brown

Why did your brother asked if I could sing? If another person asks me to join their band, I’ll freak out!

I need to stop drunk sewing with white and purple thread.

I made a life decision…I just want to dance, and wear see-through jump suits, and not care if people call me back, and have fun with my friends, and wear lipstick all summer long.

I’m already planning my drunken text for Saturday!

Casie pod cast! It could just be me, laying here, in front of the fan…well, they wouldn’t hear me laying down…

Ask people about themselves, don’t just find out in a creepy, facebook stalking kind of way.

(About an Air Conditioner) I wouldn’t like the way it looks, but I don’t like the way THIS looks (pointing at her sweaty face)

Sit still. Pretend I’m not here. Do you want pretty pictures of yourself or not?!

What’s the good version of ‘sloppy seconds’?

Today I realized I’m really good at giving gifts to people I’m not in relationships with.